Take on our fun and challenging Race Track. Depending on the type of Racing Experience purchased, drivers compete for either Best Lap Time or position. Reservations are highly recommended by clicking HERE. For Time Trial reservations, please arrive 30 minutes before your first scheduled session. Arriving late can run the risk of missing your session(s). Safety is our number one priority and the karts are not bumper or drift karts. For Junior Sessions, 7 to 13 years old, the karts are limited to approximately 20 MPH. Pro Sessions, 14 years and older, the karts can be capable of approximately 40 MPH. You must satisfy all Driver Requirements before purchasing any Racing Experience, and all drivers must complete a waiver before racing. Parents and legal guardians can print and fill out our liability waiver for drivers under 18 years old ahead of time in case a they’re going to the track with a friend!


The driver with the fastest lap time wins the session. Time Trial Sessions are 5-minutes in length, which is approximately 12-14 laps in Pro sessions and 10-12 laps in Junior sessions. Enjoy our Adrenaline Pass, or compete in 2 or 3 sessions to optimize your Racing Experience. The use of our helmets and head socks is included in the pricing.

Time Trial Pricing

1 Race 5-min Session(s) $22
2 Race 5-min Session(s) $41.85
3 Race 5-min Session(s) $60
Adrenaline Pass: 2-Hours BOOK NOW $55

*Age verification required upon request

*Limited Junior sessions after 6pm


We offer a number of Exclusive Racing Experiences. No matter your experience level, we’ve got racing that will leave you invigorated. Give us a call and reserve your Exclusive Racing Experience.

Mini Grand Prix

  • Practice Session
  • Qualifier
  • Feature Race for Top 8 Qualifiers
  • Podium Ceremony


Grand Prix

  • Practice Session
  • Qualifier
  • Feature Race(s) for Entire Group
  • Podium Ceremony

*Minimum 6 drivers required



  • Drivers must be a minimum of 7 years old and 54″ tall
  • Drivers must have a signed waiver
  • Drivers under 18 years of age must submit a Parental Consent Form
    • Age verification required upon request
  • Drivers must participate in a driver briefing session
  • Drivers must wear an approved helmet, closed-toe shoes and remove or safely secure hair and loose clothing
  • Drivers must be able to enter, operate, and exit the kart independently